Laura Katherine was cleaning house one day, and in the process gave an
old brass lamp a particularly vigorous polishing.

>>Poof!<< Almost as if it were a formulaic joke, out of the lamp a genie appeared!

Laura Katherine said, “Heavens to Betsy, what are you doing here?  I
haven't done a thing to my hair!”

The genie replied, “Well Laura Katherine, since you finally cleaned my
lamp and have lived a reasonably good if not entirely wholesome life,
I have decided to grant you two wishes. Is there anything for which
your heart yearns?”

"Two!?" Laura Katherine asked, suspiciously,  This was not following
the narrative she was expecting.

"Two.  Let's not get into why you're not getting a third."  The genie
seemed unamused.

Laura Katherine considered the possibilities. “I wish I was extremely
wealthy”, she said. Instantly, her couch turned into solid gold.

Phitty, her cat, jumped off her lap and ran off, quivering with fear.
“Oh thank you Genie” said Laura Katherine.

“One more to go:  Is there anything else you might wish for”, asked the genie.

Laura Katherine considered this at length.  What was her one true wish?

She looked at poor Phitty in the corner and said, “I wish you to turn
Phitty into a handsome young man.” Magically, Phitty underwent a
change and then before them stood a young man with the looks and body
that no other man could match. The genie again spoke “Congratulations
Laura Katherine. Enjoy your new life,” and with that was gone.

For a few eerie moments, Laura Katherine and Phitty looked into each
other’s eyes.

Laura Katherine sat breathless, gazing at the most stunning, perfect
man she had ever seen.  Then Phitty walked over to Laura Katherine and
held her close in his muscular arms.

He leaned in close to her ear and whispered in a warm breath……………….
“Bet you regret having me neutered now, don’t you?”

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