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Things get distorted sometimes.
They start one way and end up another.  We all have measuring sticks we use throughout our lives.
This is one of those.
One of those times that I pretty much keep my stick out in an attempt to somewhat keep my bearings.  Not much is quite as it appears.  It never is.  
But when you get still, there is always a constant hum.  And try as you might that beast never silences.  It’s always right behind your eyelids, waiting for the moment you close your eyes so it can flash its piercing reminder.  A truth no matter how hard you strive.  It’s neither good nor bad.  I’ve settled comfortably on that.  It is what it is.  But constant is something that it could never stop being.  

Assumptions are always made.  Every time.  We all do it.  Misplaced concepts and constructs specifically formulated to flow optimally through our chosen frame of consciousness.  Deception is rarely considered until it’s too late.  Not too late to rotate but too late to undo.  It’s futile to attempt to undo.  One must simply do different. 


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